Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sky Train has arrived in Wongwien Yai!

Today I had the joy of travelling on Bangkok's skytrain all the way from Mo Chit to Wongwien Yai, very near to where my cousins live. Here's a couple of photos taken nearby the station:

Wongwienyai BTS

Wongwienyai BTS

It's great news as previously to get across the river one had to choose between walking/ferry/motorbike/tuk-tuk, each of which had some inconvenience or extra cost. For several years the basic concrete structure had been in place, but there were doubts about whether this extension would be complete. Now it's operating, it's a real boon for residents in Thonburi and the maximum fare is still only 40 bahts. :-)


Anonymous said...

Is the sky train station near the existing train station at Wongwien Yai?

Paul Trafford said...

Yes, it's just a few hundred metres away; you can walk from Krung Thonburi Road towards Wongwien Yai, crossing the Taksin Road. Google Map (shows the start and end points, though it the suggested path bizarrely adds extra miles!)