Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thursday’s Lotus is published!

cover for Thursday's Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford

Before I returned to England, Ajahn made a prediction that in future I was to go and spread the Buddha’s teachings in England … He said:

‘You go … you are ready to teach now.
You will have to teach one day.’

More than 21 years after her passing, Fuengsin’s biography has at last been published under the title, Thursday’s Lotus: The Life and Work of Fuengsin Trafford, actually appearing on the occasion of the Thai New Year, 13 April 2016. So now everyone can read how Fuengsin fulfilled the prophecy of her meditation teacher, Ajahn Gaew.

The book has been printed as a paperback using the Amazon CreateSpace system and so naturally it is available through Amazon online stores. It can be ordered from the CreateSpace store,,, and most sites, with the UK site to be activated in a few days; the recommended retail prices are: $14.99, €12.99 and £9.95 respectively. I've set up a companion website at, which collates Fuengsin's translations and articles and provides other supporting materials for the book. I'll be posting articles about various aspects of the book — why it is written the way it is, how it was produced, etc.

Now it just remains for me to say, "Please take a look and I hope you enjoy reading!" Thank you for your interest.